Protect your Dream Team account

​Recently, some gamers lose their players and ticket due to carelessness. They input their account and password in some unidentified website. We collect some hack sites, which are:
So as you see, most of the hack site create their site with free domain like yolasite and weebly.

How to play DT safely?
1. Login your facebook account from or
2. Login your DT account from

We will never ask for your account and password to send your free players, free ticket,and free TK.

Here is our suggestions to protect your account:

1. Never told your password and your account to anybody, and to any unidentified website. 
2. Never let others pilot your account.or you must be responsible for the possible result.
3. Increase the security level of your facebook account. 
security tips:
4. Set a secondary password and lock your players.
pls refer to the following article.

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