From 2/7/2013 to 2/10/2013, everyday you login our game, you can claim a “Red Envelope” from which you can get various items. Meanwhile, you have chances to get it from PK and Professional Match. Please note that each day you can only get 5 “Red Envelope” at most and your team level must be 10 plus.
From 0:00 2/7/2013 to 23:59 2/10/2013, you have chances to get 【Happy】【Lunar】【New】【Year】 from PK, Professional Match, and Hall of Famer. You can exchange rewards for each single word or exchange better rewards for a set of the 4 words.
In conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebration. The Kitchen God brings blessing to our game, you guys can buy Firecrackers to welcome him. Each time you set off firecrackers, you will get items, please note that you can only buy 10 at most each day.
During the event time, you can randomly claim 1 of the Rice Cake, Sticky Rice and Rice Flour, and then you have to find the mangers who has other 2 materials to finish a Group Match. Once you finish the match, you can claim the rewards.
Everyone can buy the “Dream Team Envelope” from in-game shop, and not only the “Face Changing” you can get from the envelope, but also other valuable items, such as Base-salary Star Card, Purple Equipments, Orange Equipments, etc.
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