How to pick a X player for your team?

When you create your team, you should select a star player(X rating player) for your team. Salary and price of the player are 999TK. And the defense/offense of these players is different, too. For some player, their defense is high, while for others, their offense is high. But when you add their defense and offense, there’s no big difference. How to pick an X rating player?


Firstly, you can select your favorite players as your X rating player.

Secondly, select those with higher stats. like Kevin Garnett


Thirdly, select those with dual position. Like Kevin Durant (SG/SF), Dwyane Wade(PG/SG).

If you are not satisfied with your X rating player, by using props “ Change legendary X star” or “ Random legendary X star”.

Change legendary X star


Random legendary X star


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