Q : I invited my friends and didn't get bonus salary cap. Why?

A : They must accept invitation and start playing. You must invite 10 of your friends to get bonus salary cap. For more info, click on the Settings button and then click on "Invite friends".

Q : What is purpose of "Synthesize" in the Equipment Center?

A : You can use it to synthesize your equipment, in other words, synthesizing would be improving. For example, you can synthesize, let's say four knee-cap into a better knee-cap. If you are synthesizing equipment, then it must be same color and type (for example, 4x 3.60% knee-caps). If you synthesize 4x 3.60% knee-caps, you will get one +4.32% knee-cap.

Q : What is purpose of "Transfer" in the Equipment Center?

A : You can use it to transfer strenghten level of your equipment to your other equipment with lower level. For example, if you have wrist with +2 strengthen level, you can put it in "transfer" tab, and you can put any other wrist which has lower level than 2 in the "accept" tab. When proccess is done, your wrist in "accept" tab will have +2 level, and your wrist from "transfer" tab will lose its level.

Q : I am #50 in the rank list and I'm still not in the Hall of Fame! Why?

A : Main factor for the ranking list is amount of your experience (XP), while in Hall of Fame, there are many other factors, such as win/loss record, your team's offense/defense, total number of achievement points earned etc.

Q : How can I leave my current Alliance?

A : Click on the Alliance window then go to "member" tab, there you can find "leave" button at the bottom of the window.

Q : How to do "Charge to your account" task?

A : Click on the red plus button under your level to charge your account with MOL points, or you can charge it with Facebook Credits (click on the "Charge" button at the screen where you choose server to play in). After you have charged, task will be marked as done and you will be able to get your reward.

Q : Why I didn't get any purple/blue equipment after beating Peak teams in the Professional match?

A : You have a chance to get it, but it's not a guarantee. It all depends on your luck.

Q : Player is insulting me saying bad words, what can I do?

A : Put him on your blacklist. Just left-click his name and click on "Add to blacklist".

Q : Can I get refund for the tickets I bought?

A : Not really. You can if you paid by Credit Card, but your Dream Team account will be banned. Purchase tickets wisely.

Q : When will injured players be healed?

A : In the off-season. Dream Team staff will announce when in-game off-season will start.

Q : Can I increase my salary cap with TK instead of tickets?

A : No.

Q : What will happen if player retires?

A : He will be removed from the game.

Q : How can some players have a title next to their team name?

A : You get titles by doing certain achievements. For example, you can get "Lady's man" title by choosing 5 different assistants. You can get "Champion" title by winning Play-offs in the Professional match. Check "Team honors" page in your Office for more info.

Q : Can you please reset/delete my team, I want to start over?

A : That's not possible. Only way to start over is to create a new Facebook account and start playing Dream Team with it.

Q : How can I get tickets?

A : Play in multi-player matches which give you tickets as reward, sell your players in Free Trade area or charge to your account.

Q : I added a player to my friend list, but I can't sign a player from his scout. Why?

A : You have to be connected to that player. In other words, he must have you on his friend list, too.

Q : I used "Legendary X star" card and I got Kevin Durant. Why did I get him? He's not a legendary player.

A : He's not legendary player in real life, but in game he is. Legendary player in game is your X-rating player, so you can get any superstar with it, including NBA legends.

Q : I won 10 straight games and my rank didn't go up. Why?

A : Ranks are updated each day at 23:00 PST. They won't be instantly updated after your games.

Q : What is Labor Agreement?

A : It's a prop that can increase or decrease your player's salary. Salary can be chosen ONLY from the player's Price Trend (Check Price Trend under Details of the player).

Q : Can I exchange my Achievement Points for TK?

A : No. Achievement Points are there only to show your team's power and how much you have achieved.

Q : Is my player Base player? How can I check it?

A : Mouse-over your player and click on "Details". There you can see it says "Price Trend (30 days) and under it, "Base salary : xxxx tk". If your player's salary is the same as the Base salary shown under details, then your player is a Base player.

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