Task is designed for gamers to get extra EXP and rewards. There are Main task (novice task), daily task, and alliance task.

Novice task/Main task

Novice task is designed for gamers to learn more about the game. Once you finish the entire novice task, it will become Main task. Main task will give you the target you should reach in the coming days.

Daily task

Each day you will receive 5 tasks in Daily task. Based on your level, you will receive different rewards. There’re normal task, blue task, and purple task. There’s no special requirement to finish the blue and purple task. Only the rewards are different. By finishing the purple tasks, you will receive 4 times as much reward as by finishing the normal task, 2 times as much rewards as blue task.

Alliance task

Only when you join in an alliance, you will receive the alliance tasks. They are: Cheer for your alliance mate. 3 times Trade with others Donate to your alliance Finish the 10 quiz test Friendly match with other member in your alliance.

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