1. The player’s stats include: PTS, REB, STL, AST, REB, TO, PF. These stats are picked from NBA site. It will be updated at 04:00pm each day.
2. Based on the stats above, with calculation we will get the player’s defense and offense value. Based on defense and offense value, we get the rank. Based on the rank, we get players’ price and rating.
3. Player’s rating: S+、S、S-、A+、A、A-、B+、B、B-、C+、C、C-、D+、D、D-. Based on their match stats from NBA.
4. Based on the NBA information, the “player of the week” “player of the month “and ”rookie of the week” will get bonus ability.
5. Player’s energy
1) The original energy of each player is 100. If you don’t play match, the players’ energy will increase by 10 per 30 min.
2) When you reach a new level, the energy of all players’ energy will recover to 100, even you are in a match.
3) If you are in a match, the player’s on court will not regain their energy. But the bench players have a chance to regain their energy. So you have to rotate your player to rest your starting 5.
4) You can use the sports drink, mineral water to recover the energy of your player when you are having a match. (details please read the props description)
You can use functional drink, apple juice to recover the energy of your player if you don’t have a match. (details please read the props description)
5) Play’s position
if you put the player on the position he is not good at, the ability of the player will be weakened. Like you let a Center play Guard position. Following is the details.
Position C PF SF SG PG
play C 100% 80% 60% 40% 20%
Play PF 80% 100% 60% 40% 20%
Play SF 60% 80% 100% 80% 60%
Play SG 40% 60% 80% 100% 80%
Play PG 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
In a match, when you rotate your player, the position of the player will be recommended by system. If you put the player in a wrong position, when you hover the mouse over the player, you will see the red text to remind you.
6. Player’s salary and price
1) The player’s salary will be the player’s price, when you sign the player. Once the player is signed, his salary will not be changed any more. Unless you use the prop-“Labor agreement”.
2) If you fire the player, you will receive funds (same with player’s price). The highest price is 2500TK, lowest price is 50TK.
3) When you trade the player, the salary and price will not be changed.
7. Player’s Injury
Injury in Dream Team means:
The player is indeed injured in NBA.
The player is retired.
If you fire the injured player, you will only get 80%*player’s price.
If the player doesn’t play in NBA (It’s to say he is active in other basketball leagues), he will be marked “non-team”. Non-team player’s price and salary will not be updated anymore. Unlike injured players, non-team players can be used to play the match.
8. X rating players
X rating players are special players. They are different from the S, A, B, C, D rating player. We pick their best stats in their career. They are not included in the rank.
Only 1 permanent X rating player is allowed in each team. But if you win the multi-player event, you will get another X player with 72 hours expiration as rewards.
9. How to get a player.
1) In your stadium, you can find your scout, each hour, she will bring 5 players back(with team talent-Assist-Super scout, each hour, she will bring 6 players back)
2) Draft hall.
3) Buy players in Trade Hall-Free sale
4) Sign player from your friends’ scout(details, read the rules)
5) Bid player event.
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