You can reach the match center by clicking “Match center”. We have designed different kinds of event for you to have fun.
1st, you will see PK. We divide the PK into different bracket based on level.
level1-10, level11-15, level16-20, level21-30, level31-40, level41-50.
You can only enter/create the match in the bracket based on your level.

Friendly match

If you and your friends are in different bracket, but you want to have a match with him/here, just invite him/her to play “friendly match”, there’s no level bracket there. And the win/loss result in friendly match will not be credited to your win/loss record.

Group match

In Group match, you need to find 2 more teammates to be one group. If all of you are ready, just click ready/start, you will be matched to another group. When 2 out of 3 in your group win, your group wins. And the friendly match and group match doesn’t consume energy of the player. After the match, the energy of the player will recover to the status before you join in the match.

2nd, Professional match

The professional match adopts the match rule in NBA. You can decide to play western conference or eastern conference. After 82 matches with other NPC teams, if your team is listed in the first 8 teams, you can play the playoffs. After win the champion of the playoffs, you can go to challenge the dynasty mode, then the honor way. In this process, you may get some equipment rewards.

3rd, Multi-player

There’re different kinds of Multi-player events with different rewards.
Multi-player match for TK funds.(8 teams/32 teams)
Multi-player match for base-salary star card (512 teams).
Multi-player match for ticket (512 teams)
Multi-player match for base-salary star (in this event, you must leave a slot before the first match starts. If not, you may fail to get your reward)(512 teams)
You can read the rules of these events to learn more.

4th, Dream Team Cup (DTC)

There are 3 stages in DTC.
1) The Preliminary selection contest
The top 128 teams (according to the rank) qualify for the next round-Group phase.
2) Group Phase
128 teams would be divided into 16 groups, 8 teams/group.
The top 4 teams (according to the rank) from each group qualify for next round-Knock-Out.
3) Knock-Out
It adopts single-elimination tournament. If you lose a match, you will be knocked out until you are the champion.
More about DTC, you can read the Rules about DTC or click here

5th Occupy the stadium (OTS)

OTS is an alliance based event. In this event, only when your alliance member united as one will you defeat your opponent. There are four stadiums, Fleet center, Staples center, United center, Toyota center. Rewards for each stadium
The occupant of Fleet center: 200 salary cap
The alliance in Fleet center: 150 salary cap
The alliance in Staples center(the occupant of Staples center included): 100 salary cap
The alliance in United center(the occupant of Staples center included): 50 salary cap
There’s no reward for alliance in Toyota center.
Register Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Match Time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
More about OTS, please read the rules or click here

6th Go-Up

In Go-up, all gamers will start from the 1st stage-Street stage. Those who reach the requirement of next stage will enter the next stage till the highest stage-Master stage. Remember, there’s number limitation for each stage. Once it’s full, it cannot accept more gamers into this stage. In this event, you will receive point as rewards. With points, you can buy point props/point equipment. After the event finished, you will get rewards based on which stage you reach. More about Go-up, please read the rules.

7th Chaos

There’s one requirement to start this event. 200 petitions.
You can only get petition in Professional match. When you submit the petition, you have a chance to get orange equipment as rewards, and you get the chance to get another one petition. Treasure Chest and Medal are the rewards in this event. More please read the rules, or click here

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