1. Your team

1) Your team can only have at most 10 players, with prop” luxury card”, you can have 1 more player in your team.
2) You team must have at least 5 player. If not, you will see an empty stadium when you click ” stadium”
3) Same players in one team are not allowed. For example, two S rating Kobe is not allowed. But you can have one X Kobe and one S Kobe. It’s allowed.

2. Defense and Offense

In stadium, the defense and offense are the total of each player’s defense and offense.
In match, the defense and offense are the total of the 5 players’ defense and offense on court.

3. Salary cap.

In professional sports, a salary cap (or wage cap) is an agreement or rule that places a limit on the amount of money that a sporting club can spend on player salaries. In Dream Team, it’s same. If you are over the salary cap, you have to pay 1% of the excess portion as luxury tax. How to get salary cap? Please read FAQ11 here.

4. The requirement to join in a match

1) (Friendly match not included): Healthy players (uninjured, energy 50 above players) must be 7 above. And your team cannot be over the salary cap.
2) Friendly match: healthy players (uninjured, energy 50 above players) must be 5 above.
3) Fouls
Players will be fouled out with 6 fouls. And system will pick the most appropriate bench player to replace. While if there’re not bench players available, the players with 6 fouls will stay on court and continue the match. But one more foul on this player to give your opponent 2 Free throw chance. Injured players cannot join in the match, if you didn’t use prop “Anesthesia”.
4) Hover mouse over the player, you will see the basic information about this player.
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