how to create an alliance


(1)level 8
(2)1000TK funds
(3)Prop-Alliance call
(4)you are not a member of any alliance

2、Alliance information

1)、Alliance badge
2)、basic info
(1)Alliance name
(2)Alliance star
(3)alliance leader
(5)alliance rank in the server
3)、Active info
(1)Funds:Total donation from alliance members. Max. 1000000TK(10 billion) Only when your team salary is 4000 above, you can donate to your alliance.
(2)Maintenance funds: 5 star alliance:200TK/h、4 star alliance:150TK/h、3 star alliance:100TK/h、2 star alliance:60TK/h、1 star alliance:20TK/h
(3)building degree:it can be used to upgrade the building of your alliance. It can be only obtained by finishing the alliance task.
(4) Prosperous degree:based on alliance star, alliance funds, alliance win/loss and building degree.
(5)win:Total win of alliance member
(6)loss: Total loss of alliance member
The Buildings’ level/star will be shown here.
Post some important information. Only alliance leader and deputy leader can edit.
6)、 Declaration
Only alliance leader can edit.


Here you will see the information of the member in your alliance.
(1)member:Here you can find member name, level, win/loss, construct, contribution, position, join time and latest login time.
(2)add member:by clicking add member, you can invite others to join in your alliance
(3)kick out:Only alliance leader and deputy leader can kick alliance member.
(4)appoint:Alliance leader can appoint other members as deputy leader, councilman.
(5)Handover: the alliance leader can handover his authority to other alliance members.
Accept new members, kick out members, invite members, appoint/remove
Upgrade the buildings, upgrade the alliance level
Edit the alliance declaration and notice.
Deputy leader
Accept new members, kick out members, and invite new members.
Upgrade the buildings, edit the alliance notice.
Accept new members, invite new members.
(7)leave alliance:You can click “leave” to leave this alliance. But please remember, your donation will not be returned, and the benefit you got from this alliance will be gone.
(8)applying list:Other gamers send you apply to join your alliance or be invited to your alliance.

4、Alliance buildings

1)、There are:administrative center(alliance level is decided by administrative center level.)、Hotel(increase the energy recover speed)、Training center(increase the ability of players)、 Skyscraper(increase the salary cap)、equipment center(increase the success ratio when you strengthen your equipment )、Strategy center(increase the strategy skill)。
2)、The max. Level of Alliance buildings are 5 star. Other alliance buildings’ level cannot exceed the level of administrative center. Only after all alliance building reach same level with administrative center, the administrative center can be upgraded to higher level
level/buildings Hotel Training center Skyscraper Equipment center Strategy center
1 star Energy recover+1/30min Players’ ability +2% Salary cap + 100TK Success ratio when strengthen equipment +2% strategy skill +10%
2 star Energy recover+2/30min Players’ ability +4% Salary cap+200TK Success ratio when strengthen equipment +4% strategy skill +20%
3 star Energy recover+3/30min Players’ ability +6% Salary cap+300TK Success ratio when strengthen equipment +6% strategy skill +30%
4 star Energy recover+4/30min Players’ ability +8% Salary cap+400TK Success ratio when strengthen equipment +8% strategy skill +40%
5 star Energy recover+5/30min Players’ ability +10% Salary cap+500TK Success ratio when strengthen equipment +10% strategy skill +50%

4)、To upgrade the level of buildings need building degree and alliance funds, details see below
level/building Administrative center hotel、training center、skyscraper、equipment center、strategy center
2 star Building degree:500、funds:5000TK Building degree:300、funds:3000TK
3 star Building degree: 2000、funds 20000TK Building degree:1200、funds:12000TK
4 star Building degree:5000、funds:50000TK Building degree:3000、funds:30000TK
5 star Building degree: 20000、funds:200000TK Building degree:12000、funds:120000TK


Journal will record some important information happened in the alliance. Only the latest 100 information (create alliance, upgrade alliance level information will be permanent kept.) will be recorded.
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