How to use strategy wisely?

There are 8 defensive and 8 offensive strategies in Dream Team. Only with right strategy, you can defeat your opponent easily.

How to select the default strategy?

Here is an example. If the strongest players in your team are C, PF, SF. It will be better when you select “Deep Cut” as your offensive strategy. Then select a higher level defensive strategy as your default defensive strategy.

How to use strategy in a match?

You should always change your strategy based on the strategy your opponent is using. For example, if your opponent is using Haft-court press as defensive strategy, you should not use “outside shoot” as your offensive strategy. Because your perimeter players are defended. Now you should use one of the strategies: Princeton offense/Hawk Entry/Deep Cut. Select one of them based on where your good players located. For example, if your good players are in PG, C, PF position, you should use Princeton offense.

If your good players are in C, PF, SG, Hawk entry will be better. While your good players are in PF, SF, C, Deep Cut is better.

More information about strategy, you can find in our blog.
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